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Yorkies in the Wild | a new Thursday feature

Looks like we are finally introducing our new feature over here at Tripping on Asphalt. I am excited to present to you:

It was inevitable really. If you come here with any regularity, you’ve met the boys.  Chewie and Rufus are a comedy team with their own personalities and rhythms, and I hope you can get to know them here, and laugh, like we do every day.

And though I’m not sure what all this is going to turn into quite yet (besides World Domination says Dug), for now you’ll see the more polished stuff here on the blog hopefully once a week, and some extra Instagram content and such if you follow along on the Yorkies in the Wild Facebook Page or Chewbacca the Yorkie’s Twitter Account. We embrace social media here at Tripping on Asphalt. Well, not Dug so much, but he’s decided he wants calling cards to give out when he’s walking Chewie, so when people stop to gush over the very small dog being walked by the very tall man, Dug can flip a card and be all:

“Follow Chewie. He’s on Twitter.”

Can you imagine? Chewie’s been on Twitter for a hot minute and he’s already got like 38 Twitter followers, which is pretty effing good for a non-celebrity with no sex tape and no thumbs. We also embrace ridiculousness here, apparently.

What I’d love to do here each week, is present you with a fun shot that represents Yorkies in the Wild, and open up the comments to your best caption(s). It’s all about a little fun. That’s why I ended up with a Yorkie in the first place. And he and his brother have kept me laughing for the past 5 years. (After the first 6 weeks when I almost had a nervous breakdown about keeping another creature alive besides myself.)

I feel a tad guilty that this first photo is one you’ve seen before, but I’ll get over it. It’s really the clear way to kick off this series. Here’s the story behind the CawfeeGuy Knits Sweater Photo Shoot where we discuss the idiosyncrasies of ‘The Talent’.

And without further ado, I bring you the inaugural  edition of Yorkies in the Wild. The caption’s so obvious, it’s ridiculous that it took me so long.



Rufus and Chewie | We Only Wear Natural Fibers
Photo Shoot Soundtrack | Even Better than the Real Thing, U2

Feel free to suggest your own caption in the comments. The boys want to hear what you have to say.


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The Boys

In their custom CawfeeGuy Knits sweaters.

TWO PUPPIES!!! In sweaters! Could they be any cuter? Or more nauseating?

My baby, Chewie, looking grumpy, as per usual. Though CawfeeGuy says this is nothing. He gets way grumpier.

And my teeny Nephew Rufie, in a rare moment of serious and still. I think he’s still feeling a tad guilty since moments before this photo he was crapping on the bottom shelf of the tv stand. I still don’t know how he managed that.

They were totally exhausted after this shoot and required treats, incessant petting and an afternoon of napping. The Talent is so demanding.


UPDATE  |  After CawfeeGuy posted his comment I was reminded of several fun facts about this particular shoot that I totally should have shared. I’m already in vacation mode so apparently I’m forgetting crap right and left. Also, I totally take the boys’ regular comedy routine for granted. 

For those of you who don’t know, Rufus is Chewie’s brother and whenever I get to puppy sit for my nephew, we do photo shoots. You can see them here if you search my ‘little guys’ category on the side bar. I’m not linking for you (vacation mode). In order to get Rufus to stand still, because he doesn’t. Ever. I ply him with string cheese. String cheese and poached chicken are pretty much reserved for photo shoots. Rufus is going to be 5 years old this summer so at this point, let’s just say he gets me. Also, for dog shoots, I generally have a helpful and enthusiastic puppy wrangler, Dug.

This day, though, everything was different. I was alone with the boys when I put on their sweaters and groomed them. Then, I set up the equipment in front of the boys so they immediately understood what was coming next. From that point on, Rufus pretty much called the shots. I started with him because Chewie gets tons of camera play. I placed him on the floor by himself on set. He quickly decided he wanted to be standing on the pebble stool where I was going to park myself to shoot. After he hopped on it twice I moved it into frame for him and he posed patiently through about 15 minutes of commands. I discovered that if I made a particular, totally embarrassing sound, I could get him to place his ears exactly the way I wanted them. Eventually Chewie, who had been watching disinterestedly from the couch, decided Rufus was getting too much attention and he hopped from his perch and sauntered into the frame. As for getting the two of them on the ottoman together, well, I just plopped Chewie on top and told them both to deal with themselves. Chewie was pretty much stuck because he does’t like to walk on the uneven ground under his paws. After I checked the shots for focus on the computer I dragged Rufie’s bed over and told him to make love to the camera (while making that super odd noise again). And that’s it. No treats. Not a single one. No begging, pleading, or empty promises of bitches. No divas storming off set. Just 2 consummate professionals modeling.

The calendar and coffee table book are in the works.


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