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Winning! (thanks Charlie)

This past few weeks I’ve been packaging awards entries for clients right and left, so it was exciting to receive some great feedback.

Volo Aviation
The design team at Beinfield Architecture has been awarded a 2012 Business in Architecture Award from the Connecticut American Institute of Architects (CT AIA) for this great private jet hangar and FBO.

Volo dusk
The coolest thing about this award for me, besides the experience of taking photos at dusk on an airport tarmac, is what it takes to win according to the AIA’s criteria:

This statewide award honors architects for solving business problems for Connecticut clients, thereby demonstrating the power of architecture to shape business performance, to improve peoples’ lives and provide a value added service to clients in a business setting that far exceeds the costs of that service.

It’s why we do, what we do, right?

Shelter Interiors LLC opens a fantastic design store in Milford

I worked with the ladies of Shelter Interiors, Tricia Izzo and Carolyn Kron, to photograph their new, inviting space the day after their Grand Opening Party. We had a great time setting up shots and feasting on the leftover cheese and champagne! Best wishes, Tricia and Carolyn!

And there’s still time before the holidays to take advantage of Shelter’s store-wide 20% off sale!

Shelter Interiors 1

Shelter Interiors 3

Shelter Interiors 2

And here are some rare, behind-the-scenes shots snuck by an unruly Client on her iPhone. Somehow, my trusty assistant, Dr. Kiang, managed to get by uncaptured.
behind the scenes

‘ERRor 02’ aka ‘oh, Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II, how I love thee’

Today at my shoot, my main camera, a trusty Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II (say that 3 times fast) just back from the shop for a sensor cleaning, was giving me an incomprehensible error message: ERRor 02.  Seriously?! Bah!  A battery removal and replacement did the trick.  For like 5 minutes at a time at best.  BAH!  Did they mess it up at the shop?  Will I have to send it away for repair?  Basically, how badly am I screwed?

As soon as I got home I grabbed my dog-eared manual.  And did I ever luck out!  I am so grateful because apparently ERRor 02 is all about a ‘faulty memory card’ – who knew? -  and I’d already downloaded my images, so it worked well enough to get the job done without any magical restore software, and I didn’t even know enough to freak out that maybe that whole shoot wouldn’t appear on my hard drive!  Yes!

So memory card in the trash and a thank you to the camera geek gods and I am on to editing my shoot.  What a beautiful day.

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