You know the drill. Please help decide. Choose which one you like better and if you’re feeling it, tell us why.

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6 Responses to Which One? Wednesday | dusk edition

  1. Oh this is a tough one! At first I thought I liked the second one (later at night) but then after looking at both again I like the first one (earlier at night) because you get to see more details of the house and see inside a little better. Obviously both are great so I guess it depends on what they are being used for. But I like the first one!

  2. The Earlier shot is more dynamic, better composed, and the lighting provides more depth. The second shot is flat.

  3. Another tough one! I love the composition and angles of the first one, but I love the contrast of the warm interior and the cool exterior of the second one.

  4. Roxanne Carr says:

    I like the 2nd. one better. I believe it gives a better overall view of the house. Makes it look bigger than the 1st. one. Also like the spiral staircase showing.

  5. Clio says:

    I love the first one! But both are nice.

  6. Dr Kiang says:

    The second one speaks to me. I think because of the mood with all the interior lights on.

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