Which one? New England in March edition

New England Architecture

New England ArchitectureThis post is a recurring feature I call ‘Which One?’ where I ask you to help me decide which is the stronger, more compelling image. Usually my ‘Which One?’ helps me determine which image to present to a client. Today it’s just my own interest. (This is also the shot in the opposite direction of the fog in my last post.)

So it’s also the beginning of a potentially new feature here, which I haven’t quite named yet. The concept is simple: it’s my favorite image from a shoot, and I’m certain the client is never going to use it. Basically, if I don’t post it here, no one’s ever going to see it, and it will live, alone and forgotten, in the cobwebs of my memory. If I remember it at all. How sad… This one, in particular will not see the light of day because Architects like blue sky. Period. And I took these same shots 5 hours later with an incredible blue sky, but I’m crazy about these comparatively so I’m not even gonna show you the blue sky.

I love these shots because, for me, they really capture New England in March. And I can see that charm without it being cloyingly sweet.

Which one would you choose? I’d love to hear.


{Update: I was totally wrong. The client chose both of these photos yesterday!}

Here are some previous ‘Which One?’ posts in case you are new here and would like to explore…

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4 thoughts on “Which one? New England in March edition”

  1. First, that’s awesome when a client proves you wrong and chooses the same thing you like! That never happens! Second, this is a really tough call but I’m leaning toward the second photo. The composition really draws me in, my eye following the pier to the house. Both are beautiful though! Love the mood of the fog!

  2. John, our friend Ken who stopped by, and I all vote for picture #2. Some of the comments being made by the guys as I type; it shows the water, it shows depth, perspective and it looks very New Englandy. The gray sky has a lot of mystery and charm….I’ll stop here since they are getting silly (boys will be boys).

  3. #2 for sure! It tells a story/has a perspective. And I like that you can’t see the neighboring buildings – that adds to the narrative.

  4. I give a thumbs up for #2. I love the fact that some of the dock shows with just a hint of the water. the fog adds a mysterious aspect of what is lurking off to the side. What a compliment that the clients couldn’t pick just one.

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