Which One Wednesday | the perspective shift edition


Some days all we need is a little change in perspective. Which perspective is more appealing to you?

If you’re new here, (or you just don’t remember because it’s been so long), on Wednesdays I open up the comments for you to tell me which view from a recent photo shoot you prefer.   And why.  I love hearing what you have to say.  You can peruse past Which One? features here.

Mom always taught you to share…
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2 thoughts on “Which One Wednesday | the perspective shift edition”

  1. I like the one on the left better. You can see more details from the overall space. While I like the perspective for the one on the right, some of the lovely details (the windows above the door, the pedestal of the table, the stone wall, etc.) are lost because of it.

  2. I also like the one on the left better. I am a fan of the stone so enjoy seeing more of it. Also the table pedestal show better. the angle of the table in the pic. on the right makes it look a lot shorter than it is. Doesn’t look as attractive.

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