Which One? Wednesday | the outdoor shower edition

Last week we had some puddle controversy. The outdoor shower should be luxurious, not distracting. Who wants to be reminded they need to go home and mop their floor? Nobody. Especially me. My floor, which I am ignoring in favor of work so far, has a light sheen of toddler from all the ice cream served this past weekend.

Since I have another week to get this competition entry together, we are revisiting our modern, Cor-Ten, pool pavillion. I promise, after this post I’m going to be sick of it. Actually, I don’t think I could ever get sick of this amazing structure, which I just learned was originally conceived as a tractor rusting away in the field, but I promise to show you a different project next week since this is the 3rd time (who’s counting?) I’m asking you to chime in here.  Without further ado, here’s the big questions:

Which image best represents the outdoor shower?


Modern Pool House

Modern Pool House Shower
Outdoor Shower

Thanks for all your input. I really enjoy the discussion every week. And I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I’m thinking of crashing the Pool Pavillion…


If you’re new here, on Wednesdays I open up the comments for you to tell me which view from a recent photo shoot you prefer. And why. I love hearing what you have to say. You can peruse past Which One? features here.

Mom always taught you to share…
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6 thoughts on “Which One? Wednesday | the outdoor shower edition”

  1. I like the last one the best. It shows a much larger area and gives a better idea of space involved.

  2. Love the 3rd one, what a spectacular pool & cabana retreat. It doesn’t capture the fire, so if you want to showcase both, #2.

  3. I love the negative space of the second one! Great composition. As for which represents the shower best…the third is a definite no for me…the shadow, the puddle-too much going on to highlight the shower. the first and second highlight the shower the same, so i am voting for #2 because it’s an interesting shot. Rachel just came in and she picks #1 because… it makes her want to go there!

  4. I think the first and third pictures are the best, because the represent the best of both outdoors and indoors. The second shows much of the outdoors but not as much indoor space.

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