Sequined Asphault Studio Photography Web Site Launch!

Sequined Asphault portrait

I am incredibly proud and pleased to present to you my new and updated Sequined Asphault Studio Architectural Photography web site and portfolio! I’d be honored for you to take time out for a peek. And even more thrilled if you can share it around. Email it, or better yet, use one of the social sharing buttons below. You can always access my site from here on the blog by clicking the banner you see highlighted by the famous Baby Madeline point above. Thanks so much for all of your encouragement and support.


Sequined Asphault portrait

Since we’ve just gone live, there may be some kinks. I’d be grateful to hear if you find anything trippy while you are taking a tour. Misspellings, duplicate photos, anything that doesn’t feel right to you. I’ll be elbow deep in the web site’s search engine optimization for the next week, and then I’ll be able to switch my other domains over to the new site.  Soon there will be some great functionality for you Clients out there, including a lightbox for viewing proofs and a new digital delivery system.

And a bit further on the horizon, I’ll be offering fine art prints for sale.

We’ve got some exciting new features planned right over here at this very blog, Tripping on Asphalt, during the next couple of months, so I hope you stick around and enjoy. And tell your friends! We love comments and visitors.

And a special thanks to our beautiful niece, The Baby Madeline, who turned 2 this week. The photos above are from our shoot with her at 1 year, and at 6 months respectively.

Mom always taught you to share…
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4 thoughts on “Sequined Asphault Studio Photography Web Site Launch!”

  1. I have to say the Madeline shots are so cute. I am enjoying your pics. alot. will be looking for more.

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