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If you are looking for a professional bio you should probably go here.  If you are looking for absolutely random anecdotal information, welcome.

Michele Scotto Trani was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and currently resides in Fairfield County, CT, with her teeny tiny puppy Chewbacca (aka Chewie, brother of Rufus Elton Lacicata) and her husband who she has transplanted from Long Island, NY.  She is newly wed to a kind, funny, and exceedingly handsome fellow named D.U.G. and is, gratefully, no longer planning a wedding, but is wandering among a gazillion moving boxes and is eager to take on the design of a new space.

Michele Laughing

She loves: taking photos, making lists, making anything with her hands, dancing, design, home improvement projects and power tools, abandoned buildings, extra-dirty martinis, champagne, having great clothes but not shopping for them, hanging out with friends and family but not talking to them on the phone, knitting, gnomes, post-it notes, her dvr, and carbohydrates.

You are just as likely to find Michele in leggings, avoiding combing her hair, as you are to find her, in leggings, applying false lashes.  She has one pair of sensible shoes for every 34 pairs of high heels.  She spent her angst-ridden, glittery, post-college 20’s banging her camera against her forehead while asking herself, “What should I do with my life?”

And she hates talking about herself in the third person.

Here you find her today.  Camera in hand.  Ready to take your picture.  Or a picture of your dog.  Or your baby.  Or more likely, and possibly preferably, a picture of your couch (or that factory you abandoned a few decades ago).


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