This coming Friday, I will be humbly imparting some of my interiors photography knowledge to an esteemed group of design bloggers at a workshop hosted by Modenus on their NYC Blog Tour! Tina Ramchandani and Sarah Sarna of design firm Franklin Eighth graciously invited me to join their Day of Design, which you can read more about on Tina’s design blog, Life in Sketch. I am over the moon excited about meeting this talented crew of design bloggers and social media gurus.

You bloggers are already here for the festivities, and I’m reading that you’ve been Pinning outfits to wear and lamenting that yoga pants are not acceptable daily attire here. I’m gonna tell you straight up that even though my baby is 10 months old, I still only have 3 outfits that fit, and NYer through and through, Imma wear one of those 3 outfits and you’re gonna deal with it. Even if I choose the yoga pants. Because I’m a behind the camera kind of girl.


Let me just tell you that choosing a photo of yourself is horrifying. For me anyway. Even though I already agonized over this photo for my website, I still had half the familia weigh in on which one to send Tina along with the requested bio. And the story behind this photo (and another I like to use around town) is that I totally cut out my husband. Meany! Right? Just cut him right out even though he’s fabulous and handsome and incredible. I’m awful. Luckily he understands. He says no one wants to see him anyway. That can’t possibly be true. So here he is below, in his Lady GaGa Telephone t-shirt and his Darth Vader sneakers, unless he makes me take this off the interwebs. Thanks, baby, for being my rock and always making me laugh through the best and worst. (cue overly sentimental gagging noise)


Thank you, Hinkley Photo, for capturing this treasured moment during our engagement back in 2011. Back when this outfit fit me. Almost.

Mom always taught you to share…


Some days all we need is a little change in perspective. Which perspective is more appealing to you?

If you’re new here, (or you just don’t remember because it’s been so long), on Wednesdays I open up the comments for you to tell me which view from a recent photo shoot you prefer.   And why.  I love hearing what you have to say.  You can peruse past Which One? features here.

Mom always taught you to share…

We are running a little late this morning with the tears and the oatmeal… And the little guy is not even awake yet! So here’s a sneak peek of today’s Which One Wednesday post to tide you over…


Mom always taught you to share…

Today, I’m excited to share with you the inviting interiors of this beautiful home in Rowayton, Connecticut. This was actually the last photo shoot I was able to complete during my pregnancy, right around this time last year, at the last moments of  winter when everyone was hoping for some hint of spring.

As a result, I think I have a bit of sentimental attachment to these images. But I’m sure my fondness is also because of the warm, beckoning interiors, the intimate scale that still encourages a gathering of any size, and the plentiful natural light that helps us through the long winter. There seems to be a comfortable and glamorous place in each room.


The house was designed by the team of Bruce and Colin at Beinfield Architecture PC and the interiors were put together largely by the homeowner, who has an amazing aesthetic. And I just found out that it’s been awarded an honorable mention in the 2013 AIA Connecticut Alice Washburn Awards! Which makes perfect sense because this wonderful, newly constructed home honors the traditions of Connecticut architecture through history.


This dining space is so cool with the combination of reclaimed wood, industrial pieces and understated luxury.


And this open kitchen! I totally envy people who can draw together collections of eclectic pieces, elevating them to still lives, when my little collections often just feel like clutter.


Plentiful storage behind a wall of barn inspired sliders is more intriguing peeking through than covered up (thank goodness I reread this a third time because only then did I realize that stuff was ‘peeing through’ instead of ‘peeking through’ the barn doors. #Awkward!).

That sweet pup is 1 of 2 little lovelies that followed us around throughout the shoot. I suspect they get a lot of attention in the village.


This comfortable living room screams coffee and a good book. Or cocktails… Let’s face it, every room in every house screams cocktails to me. And this room also reminds me that I can’t keep plant alive. Not even a terrarium. Should I be worried that rooms are talking to me?


The bathroom and mudroom, finished using restored pieces, continue the line of utility rooms also including a pantry and office. The one-of-a-kind sculpture is courtesy of the Architect. Not every Client gets one of those though.


And here we end our tour, in the beautiful white bed, bathed in light under vaulted ceilings. With the orchids mocking me.

Mom always taught you to share…


This Valentine’s Day I give you baby feet. Baby feet attached to a baby whose diaper you don’t have to change. What’s better than that?

Mom always taught you to share…
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