Luxurious master bath designed by Shelter Interiors | Photographer Michele Scotto Trani of Sequined Asphault Studio |

This elegant master bath is calling me. Michele… Michele… It’s a crisp, winter day over in Northport, and I’d love to climb into that beautiful soaking tub with my holiday LUSH Bath Bombs.


Luxurious master bath designed by Shelter Interiors | Photographer Michele Scotto Trani of Sequined Asphault Studio |

Congratulations to Shelter Interiors for this great Westport project!

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Toddler waits patiently for the NYBG Train Show | Photographer Michele Scotto Trani of Sequined Asphault Studio |

A few short weeks after walking on his own, this is how my son waits at the train show, total anticipation and full body enthusiasm. The first couple of times a train came around the bend, he’d cry out in frustration after it chugged by, though he soon learned it would come around again if he just waited, ever so patiently. Good thing, or we would have been laughing at him all afternoon. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere, but that is not what this post is about.

I absolutely love The New York Botanical Garden. We are members so we get to go all the time. Dug likes it too, but I hear him cracking jokes to people that we go once a week, like he has to apologize before they tell us we’re strange.  It’s an amazing place for a photographer because there are so many spectacular moments and it’s always changing. It’s a great place for a parent because there’s so much space to explore without any overwhelming commercial junk. And it’s a great place for a person, because there’s peace, and beauty, and talent, and science… I could go on and on. You get the idea.

We’ve taken the Little One to the train show twice this year* and he was on fire with excitement. Me too! All I can say is if I had known I could make Architectural Botany a career, I very well might be building little Rockefeller Centers right now. I have such job envy!

Speaking of Rockefeller Center and that time I almost got ejected from The NY Botanical Garden…  The Little One was such an incredibly well behaved toddler through the whole experience! It must be so difficult not to touch when everything is just right there and so interesting! I knew it was too good to be true. It seemed like such a good idea to get a picture of him in front of iconic New York in all it’s holiday splendor. A Christmas card photo, right? Well, that’s what I was thinking as I watched him turn to smile for my camera and his relaxed lean onto the tiny fence sent him tumbling backward into the heralding angels all flailing feet and tears.

It was appalling. I wanted to melt into the ground as we were hoisting him out and staking angels back into the display. The display I was not supposed to be touching. I was waiting for men in uniform to come and drag me away, never to be allowed back into one of my favorite places for vandalism and bad parenting.

I did not get that picture. But thankfully, the angels did survive our visit. Here they are in all their glory.


Rockefeller Center Angels at the NYBG Train Show | Photographer Michele Scotto Trani of Sequined Asphault Studio |

*Full disclosure: We also went for a date to Bar Car night prior to bringing the spawn, so I could sip cocktails and stroll around in heels without having to make sure a freshly walking toddler wasn’t trying to mount the exhibits. So that’s 3 times total. #sorrynotsorry And if it had worked out this week, Dug wanted to make a fourth visit for Thomas the Train, Live. So clearly, no matter what he tells you, he’s not sorry either.

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MOO MiniCards | Sequined Asphault Studio Photography

New year, new business cards! I just love all of the creative and vibrant options over at, and MOO’s MiniCards never disappoint. There was no time for a big overhaul, so I just added the top row of six new images to some of my favorites from the last batch.

It always so exciting to receive anything actually printed with my images in the age of extreme digital sharing. I guess I’m old school. I love holding paper and books and prints and cards…

And since I’m getting more clients inquiring about abandoned shoots, I’ve added a couple to the mix. Call me if you’ve got any derelict buildings hanging around in your back pocket! And there’s even one card above that includes my Graffiti Recycled series hanging on the wall of a great industrial space.

It’s going to be a good new year. I can feel the energy.

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MERRY 2015 | Michele Scotto Trani, Photographer

The New York Botanical Garden, Conifers

We here at Sequined Asphault Studio wish you a wonderful 2015 filled with much love and success. Thank you to all my clients and friends for your support and encouragement throughout the years. It’s because of you that I get to follow my passion each day and I am filled with gratitude.

This week I am back from my screen free holiday. We’ve taken time for reflection, for planning, and for living in the moment with most loved friends and family. And now I’m feeling refreshed and ready for the adventure of 2015.

A few of you have asked me about my guiding word for the year. The word that brings me back to center and refocuses my goals and aspirations. This year my words are LIVE LOVE. My thoughts, my actions, my choices… all guided by creating my best life, the one I want to live and share with you.

Happy New Year. Truly. I hope you’ve been able to take some time over these busy days for reflection. And if no, it’s not too late still.

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Chewbacca the Yorkie has been suffering from a serious case of neglect since the spawn showed up and knocked him out of numero uno lap position. We didn’t know just how serious it was until the family holiday card photo shoot happened.

Restoration Yorkie | Photography and styling by Michele Scotto Trani

Chewie’s level of professionalism on a shoot is never in question. But this week, he basically created the shots. He was in position and ready on set before I even thought to pose him, and then he gave such perfect and diverse Yorkie face in every frame that even Tyra Banks would be pleased.

When DUG realized Chewie wasn’t even demanding any treats, he exclaimed, “What the hell happened? He used to be Mariah Carey!”

I think we broke him, DUG. The spawn has broken his spirit. He has always been such a master at the silent disgruntled pout that we didn’t even notice.

Restoration Yorkie | Photography and styling by Michele Scotto Trani

Be sad for Restoration Yorkie, but know that, at least in these photos, he is happy. He lives for the drab, monochromatic holiday cheer and cozy plushness of a Restoration Hardware Christmas. If only he were allowed to rest his tiny, weary, tushy on the elephant chair of bliss the other 364 days of the year.


Model | Chewbacca the Yorkie
Photo Shoot Soundtrack | the Holly station, Sirius Contemporary Holiday Hits

Chewie wants to hear what you have to say. He, like Tinkerbelle and GaGa, lives for the applause. You can check out his previous editions of Yorkies in the Wild in the tab up top. And for a more irreverent homage to Restoration Hardware, check out Suburban Turmoil’s hilarious post, Christmas, Restoration Hardware-style

Follow Chewie’s Adventures:  Yorkies in the Wild on Facebook | Chewbacca the Yorkie on Twitter

Mom always taught you to share…
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