Something wonderful happened! It’s a little thing, tiny really, so it’s difficult to communicate the huge swell of happiness it brought me. Since this is a time we reflect and feel thankful, I thought I’d share my moment with you.

After years of searching at my childhood home, my Mother, completely unknowingly, found the very first camera I called my own. Now, my Father’s camera, holds tons of sentimental value, especially since he passed away when I was small. Some of my fondest memories are with his tripod set up and the timer ticking down for any of his plentiful portraits of us.

But this is not that camera. This is just a little blue plastic thing that fits in the palm of my hand that I chose as a prize for selling magazines in grammar school. It’s film is a circular disc. I don’t know if film is available for it today, or if one could even get it developed reasonably.  I even talk about the camera on my web bio. But why does it feel like a long lost friend?

Dennis was such a strong presence in our lives, and maybe with this camera I kept him with me. We use cameras to capture the most important events in our lives – vacations, celebrations, graduations. Definitely since he wasn’t there to capture them with his lens, I had to try. Maybe this camera brought me to him.

We have so very much to be thankful for around these parts, great and small. But sometimes it takes the tiny moments to truly make me appreciate the important things. We wish you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving full of love and gratitude. 

Mom always taught you to share…

It’s a gloomy Monday and I have a sick little boy napping. That’s just the inspiration I need to bring you a cheerful and sophisticated, Sleepy Hollow kitchen.

This compact and luxurious kitchen renovation comes to you from ALLdesign, based in Westchester, New York. Rich materials, swoon-worthy appliances, and pops of vibrant red make this a kitchen you’ll covet.

Luxurious and compact, red, walnut and marble kitchen. Photographed by Michele Scotto Trani | Sequined Asphault Studio and designed by ALL Design.

The raised walnut counter shows such beautiful wood grain as it wraps down to the floor. It’s functional for a party or dinner and allows use of the sink without messing up the whole place – genius! And that’s the perfect place for a wine fridge, right? It’s interesting and accessible to guests milling around the hors d’oeuvres.

Luxurious and compact, red, walnut and marble kitchen. Photographed by Michele Scotto Trani | Sequined Asphault Studio and designed by ALL Design.

I just love these pops of red throughout the kitchen. The 3 sleek, industrial inspired fixtures over the dining counter are excellent details in the space. And the counter to ceiling tiled backsplash is so unique and creates a wonderful jeweled effect.

Luxurious and compact, red, walnut and marble kitchen. Photographed by Michele Scotto Trani | Sequined Asphault Studio and designed by ALL Design.

That Wolf stove is one of my own decadent kitchen desires, and it’s red knobs carry the color so successfully throughout the space. The grey streaking through the marble countertop adds such beautiful dimension to this kitchen design, where each thoughtful detail comes together to create an incredibly luxurious and functional space.

When you find a designer who can combine both luxury and function, you’ve got a winner.


Photographed by Michele Scotto Trani of Sequined Asphault Studio for ALLdesign

Mom always taught you to share…

abandoned places

Come see us tomorrow at the Northport ArtWalk! I’m excited to be showing photography from my Abandoned Places collection available for purchase or just a look see. Come support local artists, and enjoy a gorgeous day along a self-guided walking tour throughout the Village.

Here’s how to find me, DUG, and the spawn, along with some industrial art:
{See how I bribed you with a cute baby? Or a hometown boy? Or Art? There’s something for everyone. Please visit!}

Sunday, September 28th, 1 to 4 pm
Northport ArtWalk 2014
Pretty Random Vintage  146 D Main Street in Northport NY

Mom always taught you to share…

oakleaf hydrangea

It’s time for me to dust off this little corner of the internet, because I’m eager to start sharing and community building again. There are so many changes around these parts, I can barely keep up. That means there’s also a ton of new inspiration, and I am anxious and excited to see if this little blog can flourish and find a place in this new life of ours.

I’m overwhelmed as hell, and I’m ready to go on a ride.

Mom always taught you to share…

This coming Friday, I will be humbly imparting some of my interiors photography knowledge to an esteemed group of design bloggers at a workshop hosted by Modenus on their NYC Blog Tour! Tina Ramchandani and Sarah Sarna of design firm Franklin Eighth graciously invited me to join their Day of Design, which you can read more about on Tina’s design blog, Life in Sketch. I am over the moon excited about meeting this talented crew of design bloggers and social media gurus.

You bloggers are already here for the festivities, and I’m reading that you’ve been Pinning outfits to wear and lamenting that yoga pants are not acceptable daily attire here. I’m gonna tell you straight up that even though my baby is 10 months old, I still only have 3 outfits that fit, and NYer through and through, Imma wear one of those 3 outfits and you’re gonna deal with it. Even if I choose the yoga pants. Because I’m a behind the camera kind of girl.


Let me just tell you that choosing a photo of yourself is horrifying. For me anyway. Even though I already agonized over this photo for my website, I still had half the familia weigh in on which one to send Tina along with the requested bio. And the story behind this photo (and another I like to use around town) is that I totally cut out my husband. Meany! Right? Just cut him right out even though he’s fabulous and handsome and incredible. I’m awful. Luckily he understands. He says no one wants to see him anyway. That can’t possibly be true. So here he is below, in his Lady GaGa Telephone t-shirt and his Darth Vader sneakers, unless he makes me take this off the interwebs. Thanks, baby, for being my rock and always making me laugh through the best and worst. (cue overly sentimental gagging noise)


Thank you, Hinkley Photo, for capturing this treasured moment during our engagement back in 2011. Back when this outfit fit me. Almost.

Mom always taught you to share…
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